Who Are We?

Buddy Up is the official MLM distribution channel for the Parlo Group, focusing on advocate recruitment and reselling of travel product & services. It aims to do so by leveraging on its existing 40+ years of travel expertise, as well as developing, creating and producing outstanding influencers in the travel industry, for the travel industry.

Buddy Up is a brand created by Parlo Global Marketing, which is an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) arm of Parlo Berhad, in which Parlo Tours is also a subsidiary of. Parlo Tours has been an influential force in the Malaysian Travel Agency space for around 4 decades, and has footprints worldwide.

Becoming A Member

Being a Buddy Up Member allows you access to the Marketplace Platform, which has a plethora of travel products and services.

These products and services are already available and have been out and tested in the market for some time. Buddy Up members are entitled to special rebates and bonuses not provided elsewhere. Whether you enjoy it by yourself, or with friends and family, everyone wins.

Why Us?

There are various key factors which makes us favourable:

  • Value for Money Compensation Plan (Link to plan)
  • We have an extensive range of tried and tested travel products & services which include:
    • Air Tickets

    • Hotels

    • Transport

    • Tour and Activities

    • Vehicle Rentals

    • Cruises

    • Travel Insurance

    • Ancillary Products

  • We also provide Entrepreneurial Training & Courses which include:
    • Compensation Training Plan
    • Systems Training
    • Tour Manager Course
    • Advocate Training Plan
    • Tour Guide Course
    • Travel Influencer Course
  • We have Reliable platforms to support network expansions:
    • Cloud hosted system to register members from anywhere anytime
    • Marketplace that gives you access to nearly all travel product & services your customers will ever need.
    • Knowledge base with training materials that provide you support and assistance anytime of the day.
Join Us!

Interested in finding out more? Interested in getting started on your great adventure?

You will need to contact a Buddy Up advocate to show you the ropes and help you get a good head start. If you do not know any advocates, feel free to contact us and we will help sort you out.

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