PAC Token (PAC) rides on the advantage of blockchain by transforming the popularity and brand of Manny Pacquiao into crypto tokens which are quantifiable and exchangeable. Millions of fans will now be able to get closer to their idol Manny Pacquiao by having access to his bespoke fan-celebrity programmes powered by GCOX.
Manny Pacquiao can now share his personal success stories, connect with his fans via personalised video greetings or live-streaming
Fans can also partake in unique bespoke challenges by Manny Pacquiao and contests to win attractive prizes and rewards.
Fan can redeem products such as an autographed glove of Manny Pacquiao or bid for an exclusive VIP box seat for a boxing match using PAC Tokens.
Fans can now support Manny Pacquiao in his philanthropic mission by making donations using PAC Tokens, working together towards achieving a more meaningful and sustainable outcome